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PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea held a major military parade and revived its iconic mass games to celebrate its 70th anniversary, but in keeping with leader Kim Jong Un's new policies the emphasis was firmly on building up the economy, not on nuclear weapons. The North rolled out some of its latest tanks and marched its best-trained goose-stepping units in Sunday's parade but held back its most advanced missiles and devoted nearly half of the event to civilian efforts to build the domestic economy. It also brought the mass games back after a five-year hiatus. The games are a grand spectacle that features nearly 20,000 people flipping placards in unison to create huge mosaics as thousands more perform gymnastics or dance in formation on the competition area of Pyongyang's 150,000-seat May Day Stadium.

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea staged a huge military parade on Sunday to mark the 70th anniversary of the nation's founding as a nation, with tens of thousands of people waving brightly colored plastic bouquets as the parade began. Pyongyang residents, who trained for months for the anniversary, held up the bouquets to spell out words and slogans. While North Korea rolled out some of its latest tanks and marched its best-trained goose-stepping units for the parade at Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung Square, it held back its most advanced missiles and devoted nearly half of the event to civilian efforts to build the domestic economy.

President Donald Trump says North Korea's decision to withhold its most advanced missiles from Sunday's military parade is a "big and very positive statement" and he's thanking leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea devoted nearly half of a parade marking the 70th anniversary of its founding to civilian efforts to build its economy, underscoring Kim's new strategy of focusing on economic development. Trump and Kim met for the first time in June in Singapore and agreed to work toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. Kim recently said he'd like to achieve denuclearization while Trump is president. Trump tweeted Sunday: "We will both prove everyone wrong!

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Engineers are deploying a trash collection device to corral plastic litter floating between California and Hawaii in an attempt to clean up the world's largest garbage patch in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The 2,000-foot (600-meter) long floating boom is being towed from San Francisco to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — an island of trash twice the size of Texas. The system was created by The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by Boyan Slat, a 24-year-old innovator from the Netherlands who first became passionate about cleaning the oceans when he went scuba diving at age 16 in the Mediterranean Sea and saw more plastic bags than fish.

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese tennis and non-tennis fans alike are celebrating one of their own winning a Grand Slam tournament for the first time. The results came in early Sunday morning Japan time, and television stations interrupted TV dramas and cooking programs with news flashes after Naomi Osaka defeated Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 in the women's final at the U.S. Open in New York. "She just let her playing do the talking," said Tokyo resident Noritomo Kusumoto. "And her words after the match deserve a big warm applause under the unexpected circumstances. True champion and proud of her!" Minori Nakano, a teacher and translator from the city of Kobe in western Japan, praised 20-year-old Osaka's after-match comments in English as "so cool and yet so Japanese".

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — The leader of Cambodia's now dissolved opposition party was released on bail Monday after being jailed for a year on a treason charge. The Phnom Penh Municipal Court said in a statement that Kem Sokha was granted bail due to health reasons. It stressed that the case against him would proceed. Kem Sokha was arrested last September on the basis of years-old videos showing him at a seminar where he spoke about receiving advice from U.S. pro-democracy groups. His opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party denied the treason allegation, calling it politically motivated. Another court last November dissolved the opposition party, saying it was plotting with U.S.

PERTH, Australia (AP) — Three children, their mother and grandmother have been found dead in a house in the Australian city of Perth after a man alerted police, detectives said Monday. The children were twin girls aged 2 and their 3-year-old sister, a police statement said. Police have not said how the five died. A man aged in his 20s alerted police on Sunday morning. "The man currently assisting police remains in custody," a police statement said, adding "no charges have been laid at this time." Homicide detectives and specialist forensic police will continue to comb the address in the suburb of Bedford for evidence and clues to what happened.

MAJULI, India (AP) — Every morning, on an island in the Brahmaputra River, centuries-old monasteries come alive with the sounds of rhythmic chants and the footsteps of young monks closely watched by their teachers. Majuli island is home to more than 20 Vaishnavite monasteries, traditional prayer halls belonging to an offshoot of Hinduism dedicated to the god Vishnu. Inside the monasteries, thousands of monks are keeping alive an ancient tradition that melds worship with the arts. Vaishnava monks believe the way to salvation is through dance, drama and music. Their work centers around dance dramas, based on ancient Indian texts that often focus on the god Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu.

TOKYO (AP) — The death toll has hit 39 from a powerful earthquake that struck the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido last week, authorities said Sunday. One person remained missing in the hard-hit town of Atsuma, where multiple landslides triggered by the quake slammed into houses at the foot of steep hills. Rescue workers used backhoes and shovels to search for the missing in a tangle of dirt, fallen trees and the rubble of homes left by the landslides. All but four of the victims were from Atsuma, a community of 4,600 people. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited hard-hit Kiyota ward on the eastern edge of Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido.

BANGKOK (AP) — An international meeting in Bangkok fell short of its aim of completing fruitful preparations to help an agreement be reached in December on guidelines for implementing the 2015 Paris climate change agreement. The six-day meeting, which ended on Sunday, was scheduled to step up progress in the battle against rising global carbon emissions by adopting a completed text that could be presented at the COP24 conference in Katowice, Poland, three months from now. A primary objective of the 2015 Paris agreement, to which 190 nations subscribe, is to limit the global temperature increase by 2100 to less than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and as close as possible to 1.5 degrees, which is vital to the survival of island nations threatened by rising seas.