Top 5 Leaders Of All Times

Do you follow a famous leader by heart? Do their principals resonate with you?

This is now you know and, in this video, we are going to tell you about the top 5 leaders of all times;

5. Che Guevara

A doctor, a guerrilla warfare leader but more importantly a rebellion. The face of the Cuban revolution, Ernesto Che Guevara was an Argentine revolutionary leader who along with Fidel Castro led Cuba to what it is today. He is famous for his compassion and charming personality that awarded him with millions of followers.

4. Nelson Mandela

The second name for true democracy, Mandela was the first black elected president of South Africa. A leader truly dedicated to improving the lives of others, Mandela is famous for bringing an end to apartheid and racial discrimination in South Africa. He spent 30 years in jail but came out victorious winning the trust of people with his determination and will power.

3. Martin Luther King Jr.

The most famous name from the African-American civil rights movement is Martin Luther King Jr. Known for his non-violent ways while leading the civil rights movement. He was a highly courageous and exceptional motivator who made people believe there is a better future.

2. Bill Gates

Not all leaders help you make through wars and revolutions, there are some who take you a step ahead in the future; Bill gates is one such name. Known for his philanthropic nature and outstanding genius, Gates made people believe in the existence and power of IT.

1. Mahatma Gandhi

Of all the leaders, the greatest is Mahatma Gandhi. The man who led India to its freedom and end of the British rule. He is also known and "Bapu" or father of the nation (India) who followed the path of Ahimsa or non-violence.