Top 5 Influencers to Watch Out for 2020


1. Dr. Simon Ourian (@SimonOurianMD1

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The genius who is sculpting our idea of cosmetic perfection. At the centre  of one of the worlds fastest growing industries, Dr. Simon Ourian is a leading influencer in beauty and cosmetics. With nearly 5 million Instagram followers he is almost as famous as his heavyweight celebrity clients. Dr. Ourian is the most followed cosmetic doctor on social media and has an undeniable influence on the industry of cosmetic dermatology and in societal concepts of beauty in general. Dr. Ourian has an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology. He received his medical degree from Wayne State University in Michigan. In 1998, Dr. Ourian founded Epione Beverly Hills. It was one of the first facilities in California committed to the practice of aesthetic laser treatments and non-invasive procedures. The doctor developed the groundbreaking CoolbeamTM and CoolaserTM procedures. As the doctor to the stars, his close friends and clientele list is full of our most beloved and iconic faces. Including but not limited to; Lady Gaga, Christina Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, The Rock, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Lionel Missy, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Jlo, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and Kris Jenner. Some know of Dr. Ourian due to his many appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. His famed relationship with the Kardashian/Jenner family has caused Dr. Ourians work to become arguably the most sought after in the world.

2.  Dr. Ravi Patel (@Dr.Ravi.Patel)

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At a very young age, Dr. Ravi Patel (Instagram: @Dr.Ravi.Patel) has always strived to learn and gain multiple experiences on a variety of things. Dipping his toes into various disciplines and traveling all across the globe to amass valuable experiences. Dr. Ravi Patel was born on 16 August 1992, in a suburb called Des Plaines near Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Ravi Patel has always been passionate about dancing since he was a child. With styles ranging from Bollywood, hip-hop, to even fusion. Performing his first dance at his reception with a Bollywood fusion with his wife, resulted in a viral Tik Tok (@raviandmanali) video reaching over 30 million people internationally, further expanding his reach. Along with being a doctor, style and fashion have always been one of the ways how he expresses himself. Fashion and Menswear is one thing that he works on in order to grow his social platforms to help people express themselves through Instagram (@dr.ravi.patel) Expanding his growth beyond himself, he took the first step towards pursuing his career in Chiropractic Medicine. Dr. Ravi Patel acknowledges that the health and wellness industry is constantly evolving, new variations have been introduced from time to time to improve health care as a whole. Fortunately, by traveling across the world, Ravi has gained multiple experiences and has enriched a personality that's leading in multiple different aspects of living, which include entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle, health, influencing platforms, fitness, and chiropractic care. He's definite proof that hard work, passion, and dedication can go a long way in reaching for your dreams.

 3. Seth Leitman  (@GreenLivingGuy)

Seth Leitman is known as The Green Living Guy®. Hes a Green Living Guru and Electric Car expert, Professional Speaker, Author, blogger, car reporter and Green / Sustainability PR consultant! Meanwhile, Seth is also Program Managing the Drive Electric programs for Sustainable Hudson Valley and Sustainable Westchester in New York which covers from the bottom of Yonkers to Albany. Moreover he is also the President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association which allows the many Drive Electric events across the area to occur. These events are then run by the various green organizations across the area. So far there are over 11.  When he started there was only 1. Seth also helps people every day with things like home energy efficiency improvements, solar, and much more! Finally, Seth is also an Author or Editor of 9 books with TAB McGraw-Hill called the Green Guru Guides. These Green Guru Guide books range. Thats from Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, 3rd Edition to Green Lighting. Then to Solar Power for Your Home and also Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits. Moreover Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Renewable Energies for Your Home. Thats because the Seth wants to provide you with the information to go green! Hes currently working on an independent 10th book. As well, Panasonic USA brought Seth to CES on to do video segments to help launch their alliance with Tesla Motors.

4. Tony Stephenson (@TonyStephensonii)

 Navy Veteran, Tony Stephenson is a Entrepreneur with a true Boots to Business story. This Raleigh native served onboard aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and now owns Stephenson Wealth Management Group.

His purpose is to help clients build wealth through Real Estate and alternative investing strategies.

 Stephensons company was founded on the goal to help bridge the wealth gap in America.

He executes his mission by educating Americans on Real Estate investing and how to leverage other peoples money.”

Beyond business, Stephenson can be found mentoring youth about finances and  entrepreneurship. His desire to pay it forward started when an Orlando Magic coach, Tyrone Corbin and his wife, began mentoring him. Corbins guidance changed the trajectory of Stephensons life by instilling hard work and a manifestation mindset.

His vision is to make business and finance easy for every American to live the life they imagine.

Find valuable content on his Instragram: @TonyStephensonii

 5. Siamack Yaghobi (@TheOracleofOC)

 Siamack R. Yaghobi alumni from the argyros schools of business at Chapman university with an emphasis in marketing, finance and leadership studies has grown over the years to become a go-to solutions provider in the world of business and marketing, helping small to enterprise level businesses across almost 16 different categories to build their brand and become a force to reckon with in their respective niches. Better known also known as @TheOracleofOC, he is the author of "Patternomics" - The best-selling author and international speaker spent more than half a decade coaching small to medium-sized business owners how to build their businesses into systems and taking continuous advantage of spotting and anticipating trends most marketers miss. Dubbed as the influencers' influencer, Siamack has shown his prowess on the internet, working with every class of clients from struggling artist to world-class fortune 500 brands and helping them to harness the features and benefits of social media marketing and eCommerce methodologies through his digital marketing firm, Adventurous Ventures (AVs) Also Co-founder & CMO of Mad:Moody AR company that specializes in artist marketing funds creating high end AR brands for ambassadors.