Top 5 ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Who Should’ve Stayed in the Limo

The much-anticipated season premiere of The Bachelorette has come like Christmas Day and some of the young men vying for the attention of Rachel Lindsay are like presents from a creepy uncle you’ve never heard of. In all fairness, introducing yourself to a gorgeous stranger can be tough, and these guys wanted to stand out. And that means props, costumes, and performance. So let’s count down the top five bachelors who maybe should have stayed in the limo.

5. Mr. Family Matters

When Will from Florida popped out of the car dressed as Steve Urkel along with the catchphrase “Did I do that?” we all knew we were in good reality television hands as we let the awkward begin.

4. Mr. Clean

Then there was Alex from Michigan, who met Rachel while pushing a running vacuum saying he was the cleanup crew. I guess the idea was that he was going to clean up the competition? Or perhaps saying he would be a great house husband? It’s hard to say and perhaps best to not question.

3. Mr. So You Brought a Doll of Yourself?

The hands-down creepiest introduction award went to Adam of Texas, who brought with him a large doll called “Adam Junior,” dressed in a matching suit. Adam said Adam Junior was “super excited to meet Rachel.” We’re super excited to meet you, Adam Junior!

2. Mr. March of the Penguin

If your gut tells you to put on a penguin costume when you meet a beautiful woman, I say go with your gut. Because if she likes it, then you belong together. If she doesn’t, it was never meant to be. I’m sure that’s what Matt of Connecticut was thinking when he did just that.

1. Mr. Whaboom Goes the Dynamite

But there was no grander, more spectacular, or stranger introduction than that of Lucas from California. Wearing a tank top with the phrase “Whaboom” on it, Lucas demoed what “whaboom” means which is to basically scream “whaboom” while violently shaking your head back and forth. He’s definitely a keeper.

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