Top 4 Italian Dishes You Must Try

A famous European country and a top tourist destination, Italy is home to several world-famous landmarks and stunning destinations.
In addition to that, Italy is also the birthplace of some mouth-watering dishes that are unique to their culture and are definitely worth eating.

Today, in this video of now you know, we will tell you about the top 4 Italian dishes you must try –

  1. Pizza

Who doesn't like pizza?
One of the most famous foods, pizza is a savory Italian dish which is loved by people of all ages. Here, the round wheat base is topped with a variety of toppings like tomato, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, etc along with sauces. Once eaten, it hits the tastebuds in a way that makes everyone crave for more.

  1. Gelato

Gelato is no doubt a treat to eyes and tastebuds. Though it may seem like ice cream, gelato has less butterfat than ice cream and is more sugary and flavorful. It is served a bit warmer which makes it melt faster in the mouth. A delightful treat, gelato can be eaten regularly, especially during summers.

  1. Tiramisu

A scrumptious Italian dessert, Tiramisu is a light and creamy coffee-flavored treat for everyone. It is prepared by dipping ladyfingers in coffee and then layered with a mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and cocoa. Nowadays, it is also available in different varieties and toppings like chocolates, fruits etc.

  1. Lasagne

A traditional Italian dish, lasagne is made by altering the layers of pasta sheets, cheese, vegetables, and meat along with the sauce. These ingredients are then assembled with cooked pasta and baked in an oven. And in the end, the lasagne casserole is cut into square portions and served to people.

So have you tried these dishes before?