Top 4 Good New Year’s Resolutions Ideas to Try for 2021

Avoid alcohol completely. Quit smoking. Shed those extra pounds. Quit social media. Blah blah! These are all very good goals. While many of us set the same New Year's resolutions every single year, then never really stick to them. So, for the upcoming year (2021), why not shake things up a bit & try creating resolutions of a different variety? You are watching NYK. We bring you a list of some new year's resolution ideas for 2021. Watch the video and pick a few that resonate with you.

• Meditate and yoga

Many of us are living a hectic life due to work pressure & an unhealthy lifestyle. Practicing yoga & meditation regulate negative emotions, keep you stress-free, and relax your mind and soul. Start practicing it 15-20 minutes in a day.

• Get a health insurance

This year also came along with many health difficulties for many people. We all know that diseases increasing day by day and in case if some mishaps knock on your door, a health insurance can solve half the problem.

• Breakup with your mobile phone

Ditch your phone addiction, at least try to spend 2 to 3 hours every day without checking your mobile phone. We agree this one may be a tough resolution to follow, but trust us it' is completely worth it.

• Live your dreams

Last but certainly not least – Do what your heart says. Life is very short and it's your right to live it according to yourself. After all no one knows what the future holds!

This year make a resolution to live in the moment & be thankful for all that you already blessed with.