Top 4 Genetic Disorders You Should Know About

Top 4 Genetic Disorders You Should Know AboutAll traits of humans are determined by the genes they have inherited from their parents and ancestors.A small defect in one gene of a human can lead to what we know as genetic disorders. Well, this is NYK, and in this video, we are going to tell you about some genetic disorders you should know. 1. Sickle cell anemiaIt is a blood related genetic disorder, wherein, the shape of the normal blood cells get distorted.Due to this, the blood is not able to get enough oxygen and is not able to transport the much-needed oxygen to the body, which affects the functioning of the body.2. Cystic fibrosis As you all must have known by now, cystic fibrosis is a very dangerous disorder which damages our lungs and digestive system. It generally affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat, and digestive juices.It causes these fluids to become thick and sticky and blocks the passages. HemophiliaIt is caused by hereditary lack of the coagulation factor.In this condition, the blood loses its ability to clot.So a person suffering from hemophilia, whenever faces, a slight injury a lot of blood loss occurs in the body. Fragile X syndrome This syndrome usually causes intellectual disability.It occurs both in males and females, but females usually experience milder symptoms.Some of the most common symptoms of fragile x syndrome are delays in talking, anxiety, and hyperactive behavior.Well, these were certain genetic disorders you should know about. For more such videos, keep watching NYK.