Top 3 New Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans

There is no doubt that a good pair of boyfriend jeans is a modern twist to our classic types of denim. This is one fashion trend that effortlessly covers the gap between classy & funky. Boyfriend jeans are trending & are here to stay for a long time now. Ladies wearing boyfriend jeans look super cool and stylish. Wondering how would you look good in boyfriend jeans? This is NYK. We bring you some simple ways to style up with boyfriend jeans this season.

• A Plain tee is your forever friend

Is there anything a plain t-shirt cannot fix? When wondering what to wear with your boyfriend jeans,there's nothing better than a plain t-shirt. The combination of a simple tee and boyfriend jeans is currently hit in the fashion world. Just reach for those perfect pair of sneakers and you are all sorted!

• Stripes t-shirts are born for boyfriend jeans

Have a casual date? Don't worry, because the stripe & boyfriend jeans combination always works. You can rely on this awesome combination to work wonders. Choose any footwear of your choice as per the occasion.

• Crop top is the new cool

Wear your boyfriend jeans with a cute crop top for casual clothing. Believe it or not, this super casual look is perfect for everyone's eye! Finish the look with comfy shoes and cool accessories!

So, choose your favourite style but don't hesitate to experiment with all of these!