Top 3 Ways to Stop High Ponytails Damaging Your Hair

Women love ponytails. The hair style is sassy, cool & perfect for hiding that oily scalp!It work just as well at work as they do at the gym, and they are perfect for all seasons (winter, spring, or summer) keeping our hair off our faces & necks. But, the bad news is that wearing a high ponytail regularly can result in hair damage – and in some extreme cases, permanent hair loss. This is NYK. We bring you a few tips and tricks to keep your ponytail healthy and prevent damage.

• Avoid tying up your hair when it is wet.
It's important to know that your hair strands are the weakest and break easily when they are wet, so the usual snags & dents that can happen when your hair is dry can be even worse if the hair is wet. So, let your hair rest and let them dry before you tie it up.

• Apply a good quality serum on your hair

To prevent hair damage, it's important to keep it strong & healthy. Use a nourishing serum before you tie your hair as it can help the tie to glide over your locks without pulling or snagging it – and thereby adding a healthy dose of shine too!

• Try different hairstyles

High ponytails look stylish but they are the worst culprits for causing hair loss & too much stress, especially if pulled tightly. So, try to switch between high ponytails & low, loose hairstyles. A loose bun is also a great way to keep your hair off your face while reducing the strain on your locks. Also, avoid sleeping in a ponytail.

Follow these helpful tips to avoid any kind of damage if you wear a ponytail every day.