Top 3 Very Real Reasons Why Working Saturdays Are The Worst

Most lucky folks finish up with work on Friday evenings & head out with awesome weekend plans. But sadly more people are working weekends nowadays. While the entire world waits for the end of the week to celebrate a well-deserved break, for many of us there's no such thing. This is NYK. We bring you a list of obvious reasons why working Saturdays is the worst thing that can happen to

  1. You cannot socialize

Weekends are for socializing with your friends and family but sadly working on Saturdays doesn't allow you to do so. You cannot even concentrate on the work. You sit at your work desk dreaming about the awesome outing or the wonderful party people must be attending.

  1. You have you wake up early

For most people, waking up in the morning is the hardest part of the day. And, that's the real struggle on weekends. While the rest of the world is sleeping peacefully, you feel like a loser getting up early on Saturdays. Even maids come in late on Saturdays!

  1. You find all dull boring faces around

At last, one of the worst realizations is to find that it's not just you who hates working weekends so much but it is almost everyone around you. You find all sad faces around you not wanting to work on Saturdays. The entire work environment appears boring and dull. Nothing around can help you to make you feel better on working Saturdays.

So, in case you think you are having a bad day, just think of all the people who have to work on Saturdays.