Top 3 Vegetables Food Items That Are Actually Non-Veg

If you are a vegetarian & think about what you are buying from the markets as 'pure vegetarian' food items, then beware! Surprisingly, there are some common vegetable foods that are tagged as 'vegetarian' but can actually be 'non-vegetarian'. Shocked? Well, this is true! This is NYK. In this video have a look at the list of veg food items that are actually non-veg.

• White sugar

Can't imagine a day without sugar in your tea/coffee or a delicious dessert without 2 or 3 spoons sugar in it? Obviously no, right! Well, unfortunately, this sweet treat is not pure veg food item, while bleaching 'Natural Carbon' is used in making sugar which comes from animal bones. Stick to brown sugar instead.

• Cheese

Vegetarians cannot imagine their fast food items without cheese. Sadly, the cheese that makes your boring pizza yummy might contain rennet, which is an enzyme derived from animal guts. So, from now on stop treating your vegetarian friends with those mouth-watering cheese burgers or sandwiches!

• Orange juice

We know that orange juice is packed with vitamins and minerals that are actually good for your health. However, this healthy juice might not be the safest bet for vegetarians because it also contains added omega-3 fatty acid which is extracted from fish oils.

What are you waiting for? Go and give this shocking news to that vegetarian friend who has always been eating non-vegetarian food items thinking that it's pure vegetarian.