Top 3 Vegetables You Should Avoid Eating Raw

Eating veggies in any form is something we should be doing more of. While there are many veggies you can grab into fresh like carrots, cucumbers, and salad greens, there are also some vegetables that need to be cooked to provide your body with the optimal health profile. This is NYK. We bring you a list of the top 3 veggies you should take the time to prepare before eating.

  1. Potatoes

Yes, we agree no one wants to eat potatoes without cooking them, but there is a good reason you should not. Raw potatoes contain toxins & anti-nutrients that can harm your body and their uncooked starchiness can also cause digestive disturbances, gas & bloating. Instead, you can boil, or roast potatoes.

  1. Spinach

This one can surprise you. Even though we see raw spinach in salads all the time, cooked spinach contains calcium, iron, & magnesium. Try tossing this green veggie into your favorite pasta or morning omelet.

  1. Mushrooms

Yes, you can eat mushroom raw, but, it is healthier to consume cooked ones to get more nutrients. You can get more potassium out of cooked mushrooms than uncooked ones. Try tossing stir-fried mushrooms to homemade pasta or pizza!

So ready to boost nutrition & flavor by eating these veggies that are healthier when cooked?