Top 3 Unusual & Weird Pregnancy Cravings

If you thought 'spicy' "sour" or 'sweet' were the only things that soon-to-be-mums could crave for then you are wrong my dear friend. Dear pregnant ladies, apart from the midnight snack of mashed potatoes or noodles, if your body suddenly craves for some raw onions or a piece of chalk, don't get too surprised. This is NYK. In this video we bring you a list of some totally strange cravings pregnant women might have. Just prepare yourself to be shocked & amazed!

• Soil

One of the most common yet weird pregnancy cravings is that of consuming soil. While it is unhealthy sign of iron deficiency, Ladies all over the world have reportedly craved soil during their pregnancies, including many celebrities. Is it getting strange already?

• Chalk

Think you could ever imagine chalk to be yummy? Think again! Whether they craved it for the crunch or the taste, more would be moms than you would care to imagine became addicted to chalk during their pregnancies!

• Raw onions

Chopping onion bring tears to your eyes, but some expecting mothers shed tears of joy at the thought of eating raw onion! Strange but true! Although onions may not prove to be as harmful as the other items on this list, yet one must try to divert their mind off the craving to stay healthy.

If you also have such a weird craving, it is time you talk to your doctor & find healthier alternatives.