Top 3 Tips To Be Safe When Visiting Hair Salons

The outbreak of the virus has changed the world around us. People feel unsafe in public places & social events. Most of us are working from home instead of going to the office. Many of us are also unable to meet our fashion & beauty needs. The pandemic has also adversely affected hair salons across the world. However, by following public health rules & taking proper precautions, you can stay safe when visiting hair salon. This is NYK. We bring you a list of things you can do to stay protected & safe when visiting salons & parlors.

• Schedule an appointment
Booking a slot in advance is important because you can avoid waiting time at the salon and avoid coming in contact with too many people. Many hair & beauty salons are only letting in those with appointments booked in advanced as this helps control the number of people in the salon.

• Wear a mask

One of the most common health advice to follow right now is to wear a mask in public or when social distancing is impossible. Additionally, sanitize your hands repeatedly and avoid touching surfaces & your face, nose, and eyes.

• Avoid spending unnecessary time at the salon

Last but the most important point, you should only visit salons if it's really important. Try not to spend unnecessary time at the salons. And pick the time slot when it may be less busy. And after you have come back from the salon, take a bath, and change your clothes.

Follow these 3 safety pointers to reduce the risk.