Top 3 Things You Should Stop Doing That Make Your Hair Dry & Brittle

Having a really bad hair day? That's one of the biggest problems for every woman on this earth because of course; you cannot shampoo or over-style your hair every day to make it look good. Washing and styling hair each day means damaging the hair roots with excess use of shampoo & tools. You are watching NYK. We will tell you what you shouldn't do in order to have good hair. Here is a list of few things you need to avoid that cause dry hair in the first place.

• Not drinking enough water
Water transports nutrients & minerals throughout the body & helps to flush out wastes and toxins. So, when you are dehydrated, not only the body's functions suffer, but our locks can suffer as well. To keep your hair healthy,and hair hydrated from the inside out! Drinking at least two liters of water a day will improve the quality of hair.

• Skipping proper diet

A diet that lacks essential nutrients can result in your locks becoming brittle, dull, & dry. If only junk or oily food items kept our hair & skin healthy! A balanced diet with the right daily amount of protein, iron & other nutrients will keep your lovely hair looking full and bouncy!

• Excessive hair washing

If you have naturally dry & brittle hair, over-washing can worsen the problem. Keeping your scalp clean is important, but over-shampooing often can strip it of its natural oils, so avoid excessive hair washing.
So, these were some of the things which you have to avoid if you want to get rid of dry & damaged hair.