Top 3 Things That Should Never Put On Your Facial Skin

In the present times when a number of DIY skincare tips & beauty hacks are flooded all over the internet, it is important to know what is good & what can be harmful to your facial skin. Yes, there are some things that should avoid putting on your face. This video is brought to you by now you know. Watch the video to find out what those things are.

• Hot water

Just as hot water is not good for hair, it's not good for your face either. Getting a steam facial works in favour of your skin, but hot water should not touch your facial skin directly. It's because hot water will strip the moisture off your skin & make it stretchy & dry. It's advisable to use lukewarm water for washing your face.

• Toothpaste

Surprised, right? Many people apply toothpaste on the facial skin to get rid of pimples & blackheads, but it should be avoided, as doing this can lead to the development of skin infections or burns on the affected area. So from now onwards, use toothpaste only on your teeth!

• Lemon juice

While lemon juice can add a lot of flavor to your favorite dishes, applying it directly on your facial skin is not a good idea. The high level of citric acid present in the lemon juice can damage your skin can also lead to breakouts & irritation.

So, strictly avoid including these things in your skincare.