Top 3 Superfoods For People With Kidney Disease

We all know that kidneys are responsible for some vital functions in our body. These bean-shaped organs help to get rid of waste from the body. Several conditions can affect kidneys & their function. When these organs are not functioning properly, waste builds up in the blood, including waste products from the food you eat. Therefore, people with kidney disease need to follow a special diet that is healthy at the same time. You are watching NYK. We bring you a list of few kidney-friendly superfoods people with kidney disease you eat.


Onions and garlic are loaded with several health benefits. They are beneficial for your health as well as your kidney health. For healthy kidneys, it is advised to cut off sodium intake & both garlic & onions contain very low levels of sodium content. These superfoods can be cooked or raw. It is totally up to you!


Cabbage brings lots of vitamins, minerals to your plate, along with insoluble fiber that keeps the digestive system healthy. People with kidney disease can feel free to eat this healthy vegetable raw or add it to your salad, sandwiches & much more.

  1. APPLE

The healthiest fruit or any-time snack that keeps doctors away from you, apples are pretty helpful for protecting your kidneys too. Apples are loaded with an important fiber called pectin that helps reduce the risk factors associated with kidney problems. Apples are so versatile that you can eat them raw, bake them, or simply squeeze the juice out of them.

By incorporating these convenient & healthy foods into your diet, you can improve your kidney health & avoid complications.