Top 3 Situations When You Should Strictly Avoid Drinking Water

Water is an essential part of our existence. It is good for our body & allows it to function properly. Without water, we just cannot imagine our lives.We've been told many times that we should be drinking more water. But there are instances where we should not be drinking water. You are watching NYK. We bring you a list of some situations where you absolutely should not be gulping down a glass of water.

  1. During meals
    Yes, you should avoid drinking water during meals. Drinking water while eating can cause indigestion. It dilutes the digestive enzymes & acids in your tummy which makes it hard to digest the food. Also, drinking water during a meal can lead to discomfort.

  2. After an intense workout

It is fine to drink water after an easy workout, but if you have done a powerful workout, then strictly avoid drinking water. Cooling down the body temperature after a super powerful workout session by drinking too much water can cause electrolyte depletion that would make you suffer from a headache, irritation, & dizziness.

  1. When you already drank enough water

Always remember it is good to stay hydrated, but not overhydrated. When you drink too much water, it dilutes the amount of sodium in your blood and causes levels to be low. This condition is known as "hyponatremia."

So, next time you are drinking that glass or bottle of water, remember, drink in moderation!