Top 3 Reasons To Eat More Green Peas In Winter

Soft, tiny, and tasty to eat, green peas or "garden peas" are a powerhouse of important nutrients that benefit your body in several ways. This video is brought to you buy now you know. Keep watching to know the many health benefits of including green peas in your diet this winter.
• Improves digestion
Peas are rich in fiber & protein and do wonders for your digestion & keep you full for a longer time. The high fiber content present in pods is also helpful in weight loss. Feel free to include them in your salads, and curry.

• Builds immunity
Peas are loaded with high levels of antioxidants & are rich sources of minerals like iron, calcium among others, which enhances the immune system of one's body. Therefore, eat more peas to strengthen your immune system.

• Good for heart
Magnesium, calcium & potassium are some heart-healthy minerals that are found in peas. So, including green peas help to reduce the risk of heart disease & stroke. Still, looking for more reasons to make it part of your diet already?
Green peas are one of those healthy foods that you need to have in your diet!