Top 3 Natural Home Remedies To Treat Dandruff

In today's busy lifestyle, it's not easy at all to maintain our hair and keep them healthy. The constant pollution & use of chemical hair products can not only make them weak & dull but also create new problems like dandruff. Some people also have the hereditary problem of dandruff. This is NYK and today we will tell you some effective home remedies to treat dandruff.
1) Egg Yolk
Egg yolk is used as a preventive cure for dandruff. Just apply the yellow part of the egg on your dry scalp & hair and cover your head with plastic for 20 to 30 minutes. Later wash with a mild shampoo. The biotin present in egg also conditions your hair & helps get rid of dandruff.

2) Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a very good cure for dandruff and it has been found in most herbal shampoos as one of the main ingredients. Apply aloe Vera gel directly on your scalp and leave for about half an hour & then rinse using a mild shampoo. It helps in removing those flakes from the hair.

3) Curd
Applying a curd pack on hair regularly helps in killing dandruff because of its acidic nature. You just need to keep the curd on hair for an hour and let it dry, afterward wash your hair as usual with a mild shampoo.

Home remedies are pretty easier to find and are a healthier & safer method of getting rid of dandruff from your hair.

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