Top 3 Most-Visited Countries In The World

There's no doubt in the fact that the world is full of vibrant places and fascinating destinations.
For travelers and wanderlusts, traveling is all about exploring and experiencing the lifestyle and architectural marvels of every place.
Wondering where to go on your next vacation?
Well, don't worry!

Today in this video of now you know, we will take you on a virtual trip to the top 3 most- visited countries in the world –

  1. France

With over 89 million tourists each year, France is the most visited country in the world.
The capital of France, Paris alone attracts around 17 million tourists every year from which over 8 million are those who visit Eiffel Tower.
Exquisite cuisine and world-class fashion along with Disneyland, the romantic seine river, magnificent louvre museum, gothic monument Notre dame cathedral are some of the most visited attractions of France.

  1. Spain

The second most visited country in the world, Spain is Europe's most visited country due to its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque scenery, and other hidden gems.
With so many alluring destinations, Spain is most definitely on many traveler's bucket lists!
Some of the top-visited sites in Spain include Barcelona beach, la Sagrada Familia, the cathedral of Seville, real alcazar, Park Guell, etc.

  1. United States

Ethnically and culturally diverse, the united states experience a high number of tourists all year round. the world-leading metropolis, New York is the most visited city in the country.
The destination of endless possibilities, it is mostly visited for its majestic countryside, Niagra falls, central park, times square, and the incredible statute of liberty.

so, when are you planning to visit these countries?

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