Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Oiling Your Hair

It's a lazy weekend afternoon, and you decide to oil your hair or get that weekly champi to give your hair a break from the stress. But, did you know it can go wrong? Oiling hair on a regular basis is essential, but there are certain things you should avoid at all costs. Yes, these hair oiling blunders can make your hair dull & dry and you definitely don't want that, right? This is NYK. In this video let's find out what are the common mistakes we all make.

  1. Combing immediately

After a good oil massage, your hair is at risk to breakage as your scalp is fragile & relaxed. Oil massage can weigh your hair down & combing your hair right after oiling will only cause hair breakage and hair loss. This is a big mistake and you should avoid it.

  1. Not heating the oil

One of the worst mistakes is not to heat the oil before applying on hair. Using warm oil allows deeper penetration through the hair & scalp and feels more soothing & effective. But, make sure that you do not overheat the oil!

  1. Applying excessive oil

Even if you have dry hair & scalp, applying too much oil doesn't make sense. Be generous to your hair and don't apply more oil than your hair requires. Also, when you apply too much oil, you need a lot of shampoos to get rid of the oil & this can wash off your hair of its natural, protective oils.

These were the big mistakes that you always make while applying hair oil so try to avoid these.