Top 3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Meditating

So you have finally begun your meditation journey. Whether your goal is to be more productive, reduce stress, or become a yogi, kudos to you. But sadly, most beginners do not realize this but a lot of the time that one spends meditating is not effective. Yes, you heard that right! You are watching Now You Know. In this video we bring you a list of some common mistakes beginners make when meditating that may lead to giving up the practice altogether.

• Inconsistency
We all know that consistency is the only key to achieve the maximum benefits of meditation. If you wish to get the benefits from the practice then you must make a schedule & follow it regularly.

• Too high expectations

If you expect that something miraculous & incredible to happen when you open your eyes after your first meditation, you will be disappointed. So, try to understand that it is not a magic wand that will put your problems to an end; it is a process that calms your mind. It is best to enjoy the experience & accept the results.

• Your environment

If you a beginner then it is vital to know that a peaceful & still environment is a must. Imagine meditating at a place where people talking around you or music is playing, it will distract you! Try to meditate early in the morning to avoid distractions around you!

Try to avoid these major mistakes and achieve the maximum benefits.