Top 3 Lipstick Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Lipstick- it is got to be the most amazing beauty product that most beauty conscious ladies carry in their makeup bag. Though lipstick application looks out to be very easy, there are some silly mistakes a lot of women end up doing. Agreed? This is NYK. Here are the top such mistakes you might be making.
• Applying it on dry & chapped lips
If you think that applying lipstick on dry and chapped lips will just hide the dryness, then you are sadly mistaken. It will only make your lipstick drier. Apply any gentle lip balm or Vaseline before applying lipstick.

• Not removing it
You might know this; sleeping in any kind of makeup is very bad for your skin, but going to bed wearing lipstick has its own disadvantages. If left all night on lips, your favorite lip shades' can lead to clogged pores & dry skin around the lip area.

• Your lip shade is wrong
Yes, exactly like the body cream, picking a lipstick that suits your skin tone is equally important. A wrong color can give a dull look to your face, while a right one can make your face look bright &teeth whiter.
So, these were some lipstick mistakes you must avoid!