Top 3 Healthy Fruits That Support Children's Dental Care

Kids adore sweet treats packed with processed sugar overloads. While it's normal to allow children to indulge in chocolates & desserts sometimes, parents still need to find healthy alternatives that promote their oral health. You are watching NYK, and to feed your little one's sweet tooth without increasing the risk of dental issues, we bring you a list of healthy fruits to provide.

  1. Apples
    You must have heard the phrase " an apple a day keeps the doctor away"! Well, this includes the dentist too. Apples are packed with lots of water and fibre. As a result, munching on apple slices helps cleanse teeth, & gums. By eating an apple after lunch or dinner, kids can reduce the chances of plaque build-up, and fight bad breath.

  2. Kiwis

Kiwis are packed with calcium & are excellent source of fibre content, and antioxidant which is a super dental mineral! Consuming this healthy fruit ensures the development of strong enamel & promotion of your child's healthy and strong gums.

  1. Bananas Another great fruit to include in your kids' diet, bananas contain a variety of healthy nutrients and antioxidants, including potassium, fibre, & vitamin C, making them a great alternative to processed sugars. Additionally, this fruit won't stick to your little one's teeth.

So, these are some tooth-friendly fruits you can serve to your children for better oral health & smiles.