Top 3 Great Reasons To Sing If You Don't Do So Already

Singing brings joy to many individuals. As far as communication is concerned, singing is much more effective & enjoyable than a long speech, but did you know that it even leads to incredible benefits in our physical, emotional, & social health? You are watching NYK. Forget about whether or not you think you can sing, watch out this video for some great reasons to do it anyway.

• Good for your heart

Singing is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the bloodstream so it is beneficial for your heart & lungs. No matter what you sound like, singing lowers the risk of high cholesterol heart disease, & cardiovascular disease.

• Builds confidence
Singing regularly gives you an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. It can improve your ability to use your speaking voice with more clarity & confidence too.

• Lowers stress levels

Music in any form is relaxing & a good healer. Singing reduces the stress levels by lowering the heart rate & encourages the release of mood-enhancing chemicals including endorphins in the brain. So beat your stress, sing your favorite song.

So, these were some surprising benefits of singing!