Top 3 Foot Care Tips For Cold Weather

Many of us love winters! But let's admit; the colder months can turn out to be annoying with the dry skin especially the feet and if not taken proper care of, it can even lead to painful & cracked heels. This is NYK. So today in this video we bring to you some simple yet effective tips to ensure that your feet get proper care & love this winter season.

• Moisturize

Dry and cracked feet during the harsh winter season can lead to numerous skin troubles. So keeping your feet moisturized is really very important. Don't forget to apply a gentle moisturizer on your feet after a shower too to keep your skin soft & supple.

• Wear cotton socks

Woolen socks come in handy during the winter season but the rubbing of these socks can cause moisture loss. So, go for cotton socks that make your feet happy & lock in moisture.

• Soak your feet

Dry feet can make a lot of things difficult. In that case, a hot water soak can provide an ample amount of relief & will definitely make your feet healthier

So follow this ideal skincare routine for your feet & trust us, they are going to thank you for extra pampering.