Top 3 Foods That Gassy People Must Avoid Eating

We all must have felt gassy once in our lifetime and must have faced embarrassing situations of farting. While some people face it occasionally, for some people it is a constant struggle. Gassy people have to take care of what they are eating every time. But some people are not sure what food items cause them gas problem.
This is now you know and in this video we are going to tell you top 3 foods that gassy people must avoid eating.
1. Processed foods
Junk food is anyway not good for our health. But processed foods such as breads, snacks, etc contains lactose and some other preservatives which make them hard to digest and these can lead to increased gas.
2. Dairy products
Though milk, cheese, etc. are rich in calcium and protein but not everyone can digest them properly. some people lack lactase in their body which decreases the ability of their body to digest lactose present in dairy products. If a lactose intolerant person consumes dairy, it makes them extremely gassy.
3. Beans
We all love homemade rajma chawal. But gassy people should stay as far as possible from beans. When we talk about gassy foods, beans top the list. Beans contain a complex sugar called raffinose which a body might have trouble digesting. But, if you can't stay away from beans it is advised to soak them overnight as it helps reduce gas.
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