Top 3 Foods That Can Damage Your Hair

If you are looking to maintain your healthy hair or if you want long & shiny hair once again, it is high time to take an action on it & find a solution. Let's start with the foods that you should avoid to maintain healthy hair. You are watching NYK. In this video we have listed some of the worst food that can damage your

• Fish

Seafood is very good for your hair but some large fish like swordfish & mackerel contain higher levels of mercury that can lead to hair loss. So, ditch these fish and instead opt for tuna, salmon, and shrimps.

• Sugar

Most of us love sugary food items. But, did you know that consuming too much sugar can cause premature aging? Your hair is made of protein and needs more protein to grow but sugar hinders the absorption of protein. To promote hair growth, lower the consumption of sugar in your diet.

• Starchy food

Food items that contain starch, like pasta, bread, &cakes, break down sugar & cause thinning of hair. So, it is okay if you take these food items in a controlled amount.

So, ready to ditch these foods for good hair growth?