Top 3 Famous Places To Visit In Italy

One of the top tourist destinations in Europe, Italy is famous for its historical sites, gorgeous scenery, and scrumptious cuisines and desserts.
It is also home to some of the vibrant cities that will surely leave you with epiphanies during the trip.
Wondering where to travel in Italy?
We will help you with that.

Today in this video of now you know, we will tell you about the top 3 famous places to visit in Italy.

  1. Rome

One of the best places to visit in Italy, Rome is a bustling city with a wonderful blend of iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and historical sites.
The Unesco world heritage site, Rome is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Europe.
The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, and the Vatican are some of the famous landmarks that attract millions of tourists every year.

  1. Florence

The birthplace of the renaissance, Florence at times may seem like a giant art museum. the landmark of world architecture, the Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly known as the duomo of Florence is believed to have set the tone for the Italian renaissance. An interesting city with vibrant areas, Florence is a must-visit place, especially for art lovers.

  1. Venice

Who wouldn't want to travel to a city whose streets are made of water with buses as boats and songs of gondoliers lingering in the air?
The magical city, Venice is romantic, compact, and gorgeous. The canals, gondolas, colorful towns make this city a major tourist spot in Italy.

So, when are you planning your trip to Italy?