Top 3 Colors To Add To Your Winter Closet

So, we all will be officially welcoming the winter season in a few days! There's no doubt that the winter months are colder, shorter and definitely tiring. And, sometimes in those colder days, a good sense of style and fashion trends tend to fade away because all that matters at the end is fighting the freezing wind! However, even when you are trying to stay warm and comfortable, you can create a style statement this winter season. This is NYK, and we will highlight the top 3 winter style colors to liven up your wardrobe all winter season long!

  1. Navy blue
    Navy blue is one of the hottest colours this winter season. It combines well with other light shades as well as various prints. For an outing in the night, a navy blue dress will make you stand out in a crowd. So, do add something in navy blue to your winter wardrobe to stay comfy and in style.

  2. RED
    Red is a powerful colour that you can wear it all around the year. Red always looks great in any season but it looks way better in the winters. A shade of red can make you and the rest of your outfit radiate, making you look attractive & good. You can pick a sweater or jacket to embrace the fresh vibe. Believe it, it's one of the best addition to your winter wardrobe.

  3. Mustard Yellow
    Do you think the list will be completed without this color? Since it's a color of happiness, Yellow color never gets boring. This shade has transitioned seamlessly into the winter colour palette. It adds brightness when used as an accent or when worn as the main colour of an outfit. You should definitely add mustard yellow to your wardrobe for the prettiest winter look.

So, these are the best 3 colors for winter that your wardrobe needs.