Top 3 Clever Tricks To Beat Your Online Shopping Addiction

Are you struggling with an online shopping addiction or finding it hard resisting those online impulse purchases? Well, you are not alone. Online shopping attracts many people from all over the world. Although you can score, some amazing discounts and great deals, online shopping can be incredibly expensive especially when you make unplanned purchases or can be time-consuming at work scrolling through shopping websites looking for that unwanted piece of cloth when you are supposed to be working for that important project. You are watching NYK. We bring you a list of tips to break an online shopping

  1. Stay away from advertisements

Advertisements are everywhere! Keep yourself away from a manipulative advertisement by taking these small

• Unsubscribe from all promotional emails, especially coupons
• Avoid marking these emails as "spam" or "trash"-that won't stop them
• Install an advertisement blocking software for your browser

The lesser the exposure to online advertisements, the lesser you will spend unnecessarily.

  1. Delete shopping apps from your phone

Online shopping applications are bad for all consumers, not just shopping addicts. These apps make it convenient to spend money online on unnecessary purchases. Uninstall any online shopping apps from your mobile devices. You don't need them!

  1. Get another source of entertainment

Perhaps you are at the dentist's clinic, or in a queue at the grocery store. Browsing online sites can be a way to combat your boredom during downtime. In such scenarios, plan your entertainment so that you don't land to online shopping sites by default. Watching Netflix or playing free online games is all you need to plan when you know you will have downtime instead of shopping online.

With just these few initial steps you will be on your way tocontrol & stop your online shopping addiction.