Top 3 Beverages That Are Damaging Your Skin

We all know that what we eat and drink can definitely have an impact on our skin. However, with so much attention being paid to the foods we should and should avoid to support our skin, it's time to know about some common household drinks that you should avoid for clearer skin. This informative video is brought to you by Now You Know. Here we have outlined how your beverage choice can be impacting your skin.

1) Alcohol

If you a regular drinker, you need to slow down because this beverage is the major reason why you have dry skin and bloated face. Alcohol comprises both sugar and salt, and as a diuretic, alcohol dehydrates you and your skin. The more you drink alcohol the more dehydrated you become.

2) Milk

Milk is good for the bones & can also be beneficial for skin…except for those prone to pimples & acne. This healthy drink contains some components that are related to the hormone testosterone which later can increase oil production in the skin, setting the stage for breakouts & acne.

3) Caffeinated drinks

As another diuretic on the list, caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee can dehydrate your skin. More than that, it also increases the production of cortisol and when you have more cortisol than required, it accelerates the aging process and can upset your skin.

Try to avoid these household drinks and your skin will thank you later.