Top 3 Best Exercises For The Elderly

Who doesn't know the benefits of exercising daily?
Apart from keeping us fit, exercises also improve the quality of life and enhance longevity.
Since there are several chronic diseases associated with aging, exercising helps in keeping the cognitive functions active and also strengthen the daily motor skills of elder people that help them combat these chronic diseases
This is now you know and today in this video we will tell you the top 3 exercises for the elderly-

  1. Walking

Walking is a less intense type of exercise and is quite beneficial as it lets your heart rate up and your muscles working. It exerts less pressure on your joints and so it is better than jogging or running for those who have weak knees and ankles. To get maximum benefits, make sure you keep your back straight and your shoulders set back.

  1. yoga

One of the effective and structured practices of regular stretching exercises, yoga also helps in muscle building. While doing yoga, one has to work on their muscles to support their own body. This stress isn't exerted on the joints and so even if you have issues with joints and bones, you can still do yoga easily.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is another effective exercise for the elderly which can be done either in the open or in-home at stationary bicycles. These can be also be easily found at the gym. Cycling is a great form of cardio exercise as while cycling, not much pressure is exerted on the joints and in a stationary bicycle, there is a very minimal chance of injury.

So, don't sit idle at home. Engage in these exercises and take care of your health.