Top 10 Tweets From Sonam Kapoor’s Journey Worth 10 Million

She’s chatty, she’s poised and she’s opinionated. Unabashedly herself, Sonam Kapoor has never shied away from expressing herself on social media. She is active on almost every social media platform and even has her own app. The fashionista surely knows how to stay in the buzz and that’s why it comes as no surprise that she recently hit the 10 Million followers bar on Twitter after having joined in 2009.

Wondering how she made it till here? Have a look at these top 10 tweets by Sonam that proved she knows her social media tactics better than any pro.

1. When Photographers Got Way Too Fancy

Her appearance at an event got blown out of proportion and the heroine gave it back to the media.

2. When She Questioned The World

She also wondered the existence of a better world as she saw news about child marriages in Bangladesh.

3. When She Didn’t Leave Trump Either!

4. When She Applauded Her Contemporaries

Sonam tweets for Priyanka Chopra’s appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show.

5. When Sonam Had a Tweet War With Abhijeet

Sonam replied to this by saying...

And her sarcastic humor hit back with this...

6. When She Went All Out For Kids

7. When She Gave Us Major Family Goals

Scroll down her account and you find so much love for family and friends!

8. When People Thought She Aspired To Become A Saint

And later explained how journlists had spun the story...

9. When Sonam Chose To Stay Dignified

Amidst the Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar controversy about nepotism in Bollywood, Sonam chose to shut naysayers in a dignified way.

10. When She Didn’t Fear Being Politically Incorrect About the Meat Ban

In response to the meat ban imposed in the country, this is what the actress boldly said: