Top 10 salaried WWE superstars of the last financial year


Bengaluru, April 8: Forbes, who release the income earned by top personalities in every industry, have recently published a recent report giving an insight look of how much WWE pays its top superstars in a financial year.

Depending on their involvement in marquee matches, promotional campaigns and merchandise selling, payments of superstars vary. Apart from the authority figures, the marquee players and a few big name superstars feature on the list this time around.

From Brock Lesnar to Shane McMahon, here is the list of top 10 highest salaried WWE superstars of the 2019-20:

1. Brock Lesnar – USD10 million

The most dominant superstar of the bygone decade as expected closed the season topping the list. No other human being has shown this much authority in both pro-wrestling as well as MMA sports which made him the biggest box office attraction, today. No wonder, why WWE pays him this much despite his sporadic appearances who is perhaps the only superstar who receives a bonus for each of his victories.

2. Roman Reigns – USD5 million

No prize for guessing who comes second in the list of highest salaried WWE superstars. Roman Reigns is the franchise player and he has to be in this position. The interesting fact is that he was away from the main event scene for a significant amount of time, due to his battle against Leukaemia who still managed to keep his position intact. It points out how valuable The Big Dog is for the company.

3. Randy Orton – USD4.1 million

The thirteen-time world champion is with WWE for almost two decades now. He is the only superstar from WWE's Ruthless Aggression Era who still features in a full-time WWE schedule. So, no wonder why WWE values him this much and let him draw paycheck of a bigger amount than the new age superstars. It should be noted that Orton inked a five-year deal with WWE in 2019.

4. Seth Rollins – USD4 million

Seth Rollins was given bigger duties in WWE ever since Roman Reigns was moved to SmackDown on FOX. The Architect was officially chosen to carry the burden of flagship show of the company that is Monday Night Raw. Thus, he was converted into the Monday Night Messiah and got promoted from his earlier position.

5. Triple H – USD3.3 million (includes executive pay)

Triple H has slowly transformed more of an executive in the WWE rather than being a performer for the company. He is the vice president of talent relations who also runs the NXT brand. This is the first time that The Game missed Wrestlemania in nearly 14 years which indicates that his pay as an official increase in the coming years.

6. Becky Lynch – USD3.1 million

Hats off to Becky Lynch who stayed true to 'The Man' gimmick by featuring in this list which is dominated by the male superstars. Starting from 2018, her career received a major boost that in turn produced the first-ever Women's Wrestlemania main event. She won that match to start a title run with the Raw women's title that is still continuing which shows no one has represented the women's division better than her.

7. Goldberg – USD3 million

The Myth may be a part-timer who still has that brand value that forces WWE to call him back on bigger occasions. Even in 2020, he was allowed to enter Wrestlemania 36 as the Universal Champion which is driven by the fact that his appearance would draw attention from the fans. As a result, he gets to draw bigger paychecks from Vince McMahon and co.

8. Shane McMahon – USD2.1 million

Shane McMahon opted for the backstage duties in the WWE since 2019 fall but could still manage to feature in the highest salaried WWE superstars' list. The reason is that WWE always churned out money matches out of the prodigal son on bigger PPVs. Given this condition, we could soon see him back in action.

9. Stephanie McMahon – USD2 million (includes executive pay)

The Billion Dollar Princess is the only other woman in the list owing to the fact that she is a shareholder of WWE stocks whom the company also uses as the face. When it comes to representing WWE as a brand amongst mainstream outlets, no one does it better than Stephanie who is the true successor of his father.

10. Braun Strowman – USD1.9 million

The resident 'monster among men' on Smackdown brand has the potential to be a bonafide main-eventer and it looks like he has started the journey to the top following Wrestlemania 36. WWE must be having a long-term plan for him as he pinned none other than Goldberg to become the new Universal Champion. So, we can expect him to get promoted from his current status and make ranking improvements in this list, next time around.

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