Top 10 in-demand career options till 2030

With the new generation becoming aware of the hundreds of opportunities in today’s world, more and more people are opting for out-od-the-box career options that weren’t even heard about a few decades earlier.

The youth are no longer limiting themselves to traditional and/or stereotypical careers options such as engineer, doctor, teacher or lawyer. The tech-savvy and ‘all-the-time online’ generation

is tapping newer spheres in the realm of the ever-growing technology and online business sector.

The next top-line jobs and upcoming career paths to stay in demand for the next decade are:

  1. VR/AR Architect

The most fascinating VR and AR world is still being explored and researched by experts. The technology allows users to enjoy the world generated by computers. The demand for VR & AR architects is likely to increase shortly.

  1. Neural Interface Designer

The Neural Interface is a system that recognizes as well as processes the signals running through a person’s brain. Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are involved in the development of such a system. Sources say that the Neutral Interface will soon become famous among the elite population. Experts required for the same will mainly hail from the neurosurgery, biology, IT and physics domains.

  1. Environment and Resources Manager

As the world is becoming a little more aware and compassionate about our deteriorating environment and its deadly threats, smaller businesses are popping up based on sustainability, eco-friendly products and even recycling used items. Even bigger business houses are trying to incorporate more environment-friendly structure.

Soon, there will be a big demand for Environment and Resources Managers to analyze and implement green options for organizations, companies, or government agencies at the corporate, regional, or even country level.

  1. Media Police/Cyber Security Expert

With the world moving online, even crimes and all kinds of ills of our society have taken different faces online. To ensure the safety and security of businesses and personal identity online, cybersecurity experts are being looked up by people. A cybersecurity expert will either works for large companies or as single project consultant.

  1. Trend watchers

With dedicated trend-watchers, companies can predict the next-to-trend thing and modify their products and services accordingly to cater to a larger audience. Even start-ups need to have trend-watchers as employees to assist them to reach out to b9igger and more diverse audience and their demands.

  1. Content Creator

The content creation domain has spread in every nook and corner of the world, irrespective of whether a person has a profit-oriented business, a not-for-profit or a hobby they want to share with the world. A content creator, such as a blogger, photographer, or vlogger, creates content that is presented on web pages or specific platforms, such as Instagram or YouTube.

  1. Virtual Personal Assistant

One might think the era of having a personal assistant on their toes, running behind a CEO or a big-shot is way behind us, however, it has rather evolved. With everything happening on-call overseas and skype calls, entrepreneurs with more than what can be handled, a virtual personal assistant is the need of the hour.

  1. Online Psychologist

While the final decision on whether a therapy session or talking to a psychologist online works or not is still undecided, more and more services are being announced online by seasoned psychologists, therapists and even life-coaches now.

  1. Personal Finance Manager

A personal finance manager is tasked with guiding a person to better manage their financial assets and how to save money. A personal finance manager creates a personalized structure or plan for their clients to efficiently spend, invest and save.

  1. Registered Nurse (RN)

The job search for a registered nurse is expected to get easier with millions of people wanting a registered nurse for their family. With the growing elderly population, the need for registered nurses is expected to rise in the next few years.

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