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Shine on, starlet

When it comes to style and fashion, the Dhadak girl proves that she has taken after her iconic mother. The role of a simple small-town girl in her debut movie kept Janhvi from showing the diva side of her persona to us, but the high-profile social gatherings, award shows, and events make up for that. Among many of her recent appearances this purple tube dress with all its chunky sequins takes the cake.

YIR 2018: Top 10 Bollywood fashion moments from the year 2018

Old fashion gives way to the new – season after season, year after year. That’s the norm, and that’s the hustle which keeps designers on their toes through the year.

Bollywood plays the most important role in deciding the direction of fashion in a country like ours. With a tendency of emulating our favorites actors, we are following their style round the clock.

So here are the top 10 Bollywood fashion moments of 2018 that got everyone talking.