Top 10 award-winning musicals which one shouldn't give a miss!

The sound of music is always soothing to a life full of care, who has no time to stand and stare. One such example is musical flicks. Musicals have always enthralled viewers, transporting them to another world, away from their real life worries and the most recent examples to that are 'La La Land' and 'Beauty and the Beast.' Meanwhile, here are some musicals, which no movie buff should miss in his/her lifetime: The Sound Of Music, My Fair Lady, Beauty and the Beast (1991 Version), Singing in the Rain, Westside Story, The Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Grease, Moulin Rouge, Mary Poppins. La La Land- One of the most appreciated movie of 2017, ' La La Land' has again revived the genre of musical in Hollywood. Starring EMa Stone and Ryan Gosling, the musical has bagged many six Golden Statuettes at the recently concluded Oscars.