Took time to convince people on necessity of toilets, says Kalavati Devi on PM's twitter handle

New Delhi [India], Mar 8 (ANI): Kalavati Devi, the woman who has contributed immensely in making Kanpur open defecation free, while sharing her journey on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's social media account said, women's sincerity in work will ensure their success.

Kalavati has helped to build more than 4,000 toilets till now.

"My journey of building toilets began as the area near my residence was filthy. I had to convince people to donate money to build a toilet in the area," said Kalavati on PM Modi's twitter handle.

"Hygiene is essential for staying healthy. Though it took me some time to make people aware of the necessity of toilets, my determination helped me in achieving my dream," she shared.

For Kalavati facing hardships is part of achieving success. "One should never look back if you want to achieve your goal," she said adding, "My message to every woman in this country is that never pay heed to people criticising your work." (ANI)