Too poor to book? Twitter users are sharing the exact same 'cancelled ticket' to protest Deepika at JNU

If you're planning to go to the theaters on Friday to watch Chhapaak, well, you might be the only person there, or you might be one of many who booked the same ticket.

We kid, but a recent abundance of tweets claiming to have cancelled their ticket for the film have something rather strange in common. While '#BoycottChhapaak' trends on Twitter, it would seem that many of those cancelling their tickets had booked the exact same seats, for the same show in the same theatre.

Coincidence? We're confident it's not.

These social media users have also been called out for their strange plagiarism. Actor Raveena Tandon for example, shared a Twitter thread that held many of these tweets.

Now, what exactly does this tweet say?

Well, the individual post may vary but the gist of it remains the same. Having seen the film's producer and lead actor join a meeting in JNU to show solidarity with those affected by the recent violence, many have been outraged.

And while not all the tweets are so expansive or articulate, the accompanying screenshot is the same.

Three cancelled BookMyShow tickets, a refund amount of Rs. 420, a 6:50 pm show on Friday, and even the same theatre and seat numbers.

All we're saying is, it would have been nice to be able to give these people the benefit of the doubt.

Incidentally, on Tuesday, Deepika Padukone while in Delhi to promote her film, had joined students protesting against the recent violence on the JNU campus.

She was seen standing with students as the demonstrators raised the slogan of "Jai Bhim-Jai Bhim" and former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar gave a speech. She did not issue any statement nor did she address the students.

(With inputs from agencies)

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