Tony Blair and a positive vision of Africa

Photograph: AFP via Getty

Peter Beaumont’s article (Tony Blair is wrong. Africa won’t be the answer to Britain’s post-Brexit problems, 21 January) is a wilful misreading of Tony Blair’s piece (Britain must open a new chapter in its relationship with Africa, 20 January), and a conflation of British politics post-Brexit with Africa’s challenges and opportunities.

As a result it paints an entirely negative picture of a continent of over 1 billion people. Of course there are many challenges, but we at the Tony Blair Institute also see the potential to support those people and leaders striving to create a better future, with jobs and prosperity built on the foundations of effective government, investment, infrastructure and public services.

We do not argue that Africa is “the answer to Britain’s post-Brexit problems”. Indeed the views of Mr Blair – the executive chairman of the Tony Blair Institute – on Brexit are, to say the least, well known. Rather we argue that Africa’s future can be bright, and Britain should revisit its role and relationship if it wants to be part of that.
Nick Thompson
Executive director, governance (Africa), Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

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