Tonk School Dress Code Dictat: 'Indecent' T-Shirts, Jeans Banned For Teachers And Non-Teaching Staff

Team Latestly

Tonk, January 22: The district administration in Rajasthan's Tonk has banned t-shirts and jeans for teachers and non-teaching staff of government schools. Shivram Singh Yadav, chief district education officer in Tonk, on Tuesday, issued an order prohibiting teachers and other employees from wearing jeans and t-shirts, describing the outfits as "indecent". Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi Imposes Dress Code on Devotees, Bans T-Shirts And Jeans Inside Sanctum Sanctorum.

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Teachers and other staff have been asked to wear formal shirts and pants in government schools. "These dresses do not look good in work areas. These are indecent and informal dresses. Employees must wear formal wear which will set an example for the students as well," Yadav was quoted as saying.

Narayan Singh Sisodia, president of Rajasthan Teachers and Panchayati Raj Employees' Federation, objected to the diktat, adding that the district education officer cannot pass such orders. "It should be dealt by the Directorate of Secondary Education, Bikaner, and employees of one district should not be forced to follow such orders," Sisodia said.

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