TomTom Touch Review: Focused at Serious Fitness Folks Only

The wearable space has (sort of) gone nowhere. FitBit acquired Pebble, but even then, you cannot decide which of the fitness trackers from Samsung or JawBone one should go for.

Add to that, you have TomTom, which solely wants to focus on fitness enthusiasts and athletes among others. With the Touch, TomTom hopes that addition of body-weight centric features will help them catch the fancy of the buyers.


  • Monitors fitness accurately
  • Slew of features in tow
  • Accurate with step counting


  • App works via PC
  • Mediocre battery life
  • Not water resistant
  • Expensive
Heart-rate sensor also monitors body composition. (Photo Courtesy: TomTom)

What’s Good?

The Touch has been designed to look like a regular fitness band with OLED display, and it has all the usual features one expects. It’s a simple looking band with a rubber finish and a removable module which gets clasped to your wrist.

Touch comes loaded with an all-day heart monitor, step counting, calories, distance and sleep tracking. But the biggest USP of Touch is the inclusion of body composition monitor. This feature tells you what percentage of your body is muscle and what percentage is fat.

The button right underneath the display helps you control the features. (Photo Courtesy: TomTom)

It records the calories burned and distance travelled. The band also comes equipped with a sports mode for running, cycling, gym, or just freestyle.

With this fitness band, you get a touch sensitive screen. Tracking of steps and heart rate is fairly accurate, although, the simple band tends to come loose easily.

What’s Bad?

TomTom says you have to download the MySports Connect app on your computer to update it. What’s even more puzzling is that they recommend you to connect your fitness tracker to your computer regularly to charge it and get the latest software updates. Well, nobody wants to do that, not with a fitness gear at least.

You get an OLED display on the Touch which is not water resistant. (Photo Courtesy: TomTom)

Sleep tracking is at basic level, and doesn’t offer you an exact estimate of the deep sleep time. It also not very ideal that the TomTom Touch-centric app doesn’t push you to achieve your goals.

The other big issue with the Touch is that you can’t use it for more than four days on a single charge. You also cannot take a dip inside the pool wearing this fitness band.

Why Buy It?

TomTom Touch revolves around being a fitness tracker that also comes inclusive of body composition monitor. This band is mainly focused on fitness users, who thrive on studying and analysing their health data, work towards improving their regime.

However, this band doesn’t give you the right amount of battery life, cannot be used anywhere near water. And for Rs 13,000, that limitation doesn’t give us the confidence that Touch will be a value for money buy.