Tom Fletcher's approach to avoiding his glasses steaming up while wearing a mask has people cracking up

Laura Hampson
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McFly singer Tom Fletcher has shared how his friends suggest he fix his foggy glasses problem (Getty)
McFly singer Tom Fletcher has shared how his friends suggest he fix his foggy glasses problem (Getty)

Anyone with glasses will know that glasses and face masks simply do not mix.

McFly frontman, Tom Fletcher, has been faced with the issue too, posting an image to Instagram joking about how his friends, TV presenter Emma Willis and Busted singer Matt Willis, decided to “do something” about the issue.

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The accompanying image sees a masked Fletcher with a wipe behind his glasses.

“After a year of speaking to me through foggy glasses, @mattjwillis & @emmawillisofficial decided to do something about it. Not sure these wipes will help though,” Fletcher wrote.

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The image was posted across Fletcher's social media networks and the idea cracked people on Facebook up, with 2,400 reacting with the laughing emoji.

While Fletcher’s solution isn’t terribly practical, there are hacks you can follow to de-fog your glasses.

Ceri Smith-Jaynes from the Association of Optometrists previously told Yahoo UK: “Wearing a face mask or face covering is the new normal, but one of the minor problems of the COVID-19 pandemic is fogged-up eyewear.

“This happens when warm breath escapes from the top of the mask and lands on the cooler surface of the lens.”

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Last year, we reported how putting a tissue on the inside of your mask can help to stop the warm air rising. Smith-Jayne advised folding a tissue “until it forms a strip and place it along the top edge of the mask before you put it on”

For the bespectacled, getting a face mask with a wire across the top of your nose can help lessen the chances of fogging too.

Smith-Jaynes advised: “If your mask has no wire, you can insert a twist tie or pipe cleaner into the top edge of the mask. You could secure the top edge with micro-pore tape, if necessary.”

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Keeping your glasses warm before putting them on could help too, Smith-Jaynes added, so place them in your pocket for a few minutes before putting them on with the mask.

Optician David Hutchfield, from Glasses Direct previously told Yahoo UK that a short-term solution could be to wash the glasses with soapy water and let them dry naturally which would create a film-like barrier to reduce the fog.

“We wouldn’t recommend this normally as long term application of soapy water may damage any lens coatings, but as a short-term measure in these unprecedented times it can be an effective solution,” Hutchfield added.

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