Tom Cruise Just Wore Two Masks to Greet Fans on 'Mission Impossible 7' Set And He's Our New Hero

Buzz Staff
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Tom Cruise is definitely among our favourite action stars in Hollywood business. The star-actor might be jumping off the Burj Khailfa or running on the tarmac to jump on a plane or dive underwater and hold in his breath for several minutes when he is dangerously living on the edge in his movies, but he definitely does not tempt a pandemic and knows how to mask up.

The Top Gun actor also deserves the label of being the most safety-protocol abiding hero as well. While on location in Rome where shooting is currently being held for the Mission Impossible 7 movie, the actor donned not one, but two face masks when he interacted with fans during a shooting break, thus ensuring utmost safety while being in public.

The actor along with his co-star Hayley Atwell were shooting a car chase scene, when in between takes he was seen mingling with the crew and fans who were there to catch a glimpse of the shooting, the Daily Mail reported. But leading by example, Cruise put on a black face mask over a regular blue surgical mask before greeting the fans who were busy clicking photographs of the star.

The crew were shooting for a film near the Victor Emmanuel II Monument in Rome and as curious onlookers gathered to catch the star in action, personnel involved with the crew requested fans to be socially distanced from each other while waiting to greet the actors amid the threat of the coronavirus. Cruise and his director Christopher McQuarrie also reportedly requested fans to adhere to the safety protocols.

Cruise's adherence to safety protocols while is definitely exemplary, but this is also due to the fact that that the star and his team are nearing the last leg of the film shooting and thus do not want any untoward health crisis halting the shoot. The film, which was earlier being shot back in May had to be postponed during the coronavirus wave that hit Italy.

The film has also been shot in parts of UK, Norway and Venice. Earlier in October, the film had faced yet another hindrance after 12 people part of the crew had tested positive for the coronavirus. However, after taking precautions, the filming was resumed in recent weeks, reports said.

Reports had earlier also said that the star had hired a £500,000 cruise ship for the cast and crew of the movie in Norway to avoid any more coronavirus-related travel delays.