Tom Cruise joins Instagram to promote 'M:I 6,' but here's what we really want him to post

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Tom Cruise has joined Instagram. Here’s hoping he shows us the real Tom, which we haven’t seen in quite some time. (Photo: Getty Images)

On the heels of ex-wife Nicole Kidman’s Instagram debut, Tom Cruise has joined. For a split second, that sounded exciting as we rushed to the photo app to see his first post. Would it be: a nearly nude bathroom selfie like Kim Kardashian’s latest? A video of him using the giant lips filter that all the celebs have been loving? A #healthie of his latest workout? Nope. It was two photos promoting his next film, Mission: Impossible — 5,678. (Or, more accurately, M:I — Fallout, the sixth installment in the series.)

Clearly, we were a bit disappointed. Despite being one of the biggest superstars in the world, Cruise doesn’t have much of a social media footprint. He’s been on Twitter for a few years, but it’s largely a vehicle to promote things. The most personal messages are posted by “TeamTC,” which means maybe he signs off on them, but probably not. We can’t imagine his famous fingers awkwardly typing: “New exclusive Edge Of Tomorrow videos are almost here. Learn how you can help unlock them.”

Most of the posts don’t even pretend that they’re from him. This one talks about the “work & training Tom puts in2 action roles.”

The last time he posted, prior to today, on Twitter and Facebook, was September. And it was to promote a project.

The thing about Instagram, though, is it’s supposed to be a snapshot of a moment in someone’s life. Twitter is about the character count, but the ’Gram tells a visual story. While Kidman was a late adopter of Insta, preferring Facebook instead, she started off with a bang on Jan. 9, the morning after the Golden Globes. The Big Little Lies star shared an amazing personal photo after shutting down a Globes party. (Go, girl.) She’s since given her 476,000 followers a first look at her glam prior to the Casting Society of America Awards, some couple cuteness with hubby Keith Urban, and even an inspirational quote on MLK Day. We’re all in for that stuff.

Similarly, Will Smith joined recently — on Dec. 14 — and we aren’t sure how we lived without him before that. His first photo was a duck-lip selfie, and he’s also given us glimpses of life with Jada, took us courtside at the Australian Open, and the throwbacks. Oh, the throwbacks. It’s clear why he already has 5.7 million followers.

May we put a little bug in Tom’s ear by asking him — and his team — to step it up. While he’s pulled in a whopping 634,000 followers in just hours (sorry, Nic!), it’s not cool to join Instagram just to promote a project. That’s lame. He should do it to show his real life, which has been closely guarded since his abrupt split from Katie Holmes in 2012. So here are our thoughts on what he probably won’t post but should:

1. Take us through the halls of the Scientology Centre. We all know he’s a bigwig in the controversial organization. If it’s all on the up and up, as he’s maintained, show us what it’s really like. Like, Instagram Stories it hard. Pull back that curtain. Selfie with David Miscavige — or, better yet, Miscavige’s wife. Go live behind the scenes of the Sea Org. Is Leah Remini wrong? Prove it.

2. Show us who he’s dating. The thrice-married Cruise is never single. (Remember when he reportedly auditioned Sofia Vergara to be his new lady?) Who’s the lady in his life these days? Show us the love notes he sends her — like A-Rod and J.Lo. Post a couple selfie in the back seat of his car on the way home from date night.

3. Let us see his time with Suri. There’s speculation about whether or not he still sees his daughter with Holmes. End it. Show us their cute bowling adventures, like Katie does. Or baking sessions. We’d eat it up.

4. Make light of his infamous couch jumping. An amazing #TBT would be Cruise posting his Oprah couch jump. Or, better yet, reenact it — as a Boomerang. Yesssss.

There’s so much else we’d like to see — family moments with Isabella and Connor, a peek at his fighter plane (has he renamed it from Kiss Me Kate?) and shots behind the gates of his many mansions, a funny #TBT of his ultrasound machine collecting dust in a corner, and a silly shot of a fake prosthetic butt just to make us laugh. But let’s start there. From our lips to … The Person Who Is Posting His Instagram Photos’ ears.

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