Tom Cruise Creates Covid-secure Studio at Former Military Base to Finish Mission Impossible 7 Shoot

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After blasting off crew members of his upcoming Mission Impossible 7 movie, Tom Cruise is not going to take any chances. The 58-year-old actor has now created a COVID-19 secure set in the UK to wrap up the shoot without causing any further production costs.

A report by The Sun revealed that the production for the seventh Mission Impossible movie will be moved to former top-secret tank design base Longcross in Surrey from Leavesden in Herts in the United Kingdom. The actor is said to have given staff a furious talk after he caught them breaking the UK coronavirus rules at Warner Brothers Studios in Leavesden.

Tom Cruise recently blasted off his film crew for not maintaining social distancing and violating coronavirus restrictions on the set that delayed the shooting. Earlier this month, the Hollywood actor’s audio was leaked where he was heard shouting at his crew members as they disappointed the producers who were “relying” on the team to complete the shooting in time. In the audio, Tom also went on to threaten the crew members’ job security and shouted if they understood the responsibility that they have. He went on to say that he will deal with their reason and if they cannot be reasonable and he cannot deal with their logic, they will be fired. After the audio went viral on the internet, it was reported that five crew members on set quit their job.

The movie production has faced a few delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. The first halt was faced earlier this year in Italy when the pandemic spread like a wildfire in the country. The producers then received permission to resume the shoot in the UK in July after a personal plea to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden was sent. However, when some of the UK crew members violated the coronavirus restrictions, the shooting faced another delay which fed Tom’s aggression towards them.

Mission Impossible is actor Tom Cruise’s spy-action franchise where he portrays the role of Ethan Hunt. The latest Mission Impossible movie released in 2018.