Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori to Reportedly Resign Over Sexist Remarks, Here's More About His Controversial Statement

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Japan, February 11: Tokyo Olympics boss Yoshiro Mori to resign over sexist remarks, according to an AFP update. He came under fire for saying women speak too much in meetings. Mori’s comments drew sharp comments on social media and in parliament, with opposition lawmakers demanding his resignation.

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At a hastily called news conference on February 4, Mori retracted his remarks and said they were “inappropriate” and against the Olympic spirit, but he declined, at that point, to resign. Tokyo 2020 Unveils Olympic 'Village Plaza' Made from Donated Wood.

Here's what Mori had said:

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Mori, made his comments last Wednesday after an online meeting of the Japanese Olympic Committee. In a speech about increased female representation on the committee, he warned that meetings would never end as women competed with each other to talk the most.

Yoshiro Mori to resign over sexist remarks:

The head of Toyota, one of Tokyo 2020's top-level sponsors, chastised Mori, with company operating officer Jun Nagata saying the firm "couldn't stay silent" on the matter. The statement read-"It's very regrettable that the comments made by the leader of the organising committee differ from the values that Toyota holds dear."