Today, world is with us: Sushma Swaraj on Congress’ ‘weak Modi’ remark after China’s hold on Masood Azhar

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External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday lashed out at the Congress party and its chief Rahul Gandhi over their attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s diplomatic steps after China blocked a bid to designate Jaish-e-Muhammad. In a series of tweets, Swaraj underlined facts on the issue of Masood Azhar’s listing under the UN’s sanctions committee, listing out the series of events since India’s first bid to designate Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

Seeking to draw a contrast between India’s position at the UNSC between 2009 and 2019, Swaraj called upon the leaders who described China blocking the proposal moved by the US, UK and France as India’s diplomatic failure to see the change for themselves.

“I wish to apprise you of the facts regarding the listing of Masood Azhar under the United Nations Sanctions Committee. The proposal has been mooted four times,” tweeted Sushma Swaraj.

Swaraj said that this year, the proposal was moved by USA, France and UK and was supported by 14 out of the 15 UNSC countries, while in 2009 under Congress-led UPA rule, India was lone proposer.

“In 2019, the proposal was moved by USA, France and UK and supported by 14 of the 15 UN Security Council Members and also co-sponsored by Australia, Bangladesh, Italy and Japan – non-members of the Security Council,” her tweet reads.

“Thus, we have secured unprecedented support from the international community for the listing of Masood Azhar under the UN Sanctions Committee,” the veteran leader said.

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As China again blocked a UN resolution to designate the JeM chief a global terrorist, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday hit out at Prime Minster Narendra Modi, saying he was “weak” and “scared of” Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Congress chief attacked PM Modi and said he had not spoken on China blocking the resolution in the UN Security Council. “Weak Modi is scared of Xi. Not a word comes out of his (Modi) mouth when China acts against India. NoMo’s China diplomacy: 1. Swing with Xi in Gujarat. 2. Hug Xi in Delhi. 3. Bow to Xi in China,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

The Congress party attacked the government saying the question on every Indian’s mind is, what was the use of all the swinging with Modi and President Xi. An official statement of the Congress said: “Sadly, Modiji’s foreign policy or lack thereof has been a series of ‘Diplomatic Blunders’ one after another.

The proposal to designate Azhar under the 1267 Al Qaida Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council was moved by the three Permanent Members of the Council, France, the UK and the US on February 27. More than a dozen member states had co-sponsored the proposal.

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In a significant development, France, which had made a fresh bid at the UN to get Masood Azhar banned, has decided to impose financial sanctions on the JeM chief, asserting that it has always been by India’s side in the fight against terrorism.

France along with the US and the UK had moved a proposal in the UN Security Council to designate the Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed chief as a “global terrorist”. However, the bid was blocked by China which put a technical hold on the proposal.

The hold by China on the proposal will be valid for up to six months and it can be extended for another three months if a Committee member asks for additional time to consider the proposal.